Who has time to sit around and watch sports coverage?

Your twice-a-week sports bite on your time!


TLDR SportsCast (Too Long Didn't Read: SportsCast) is a twice-a-week micro-podcast (10 to 20 minutes) that quickly talks about ANY sports subject. These include anything from the current weeks main sports stories to "strange" sports no one has heard of and everything in between. 

It is just a short break from the crazy 24 hour "ESPN" news cycle, that has taken over the sporting world by two "regular" guys talking about sports and how it effects them.



Boston Red Sox ⚾ | Tennessee Titans 🏈 | Boston Celtics πŸ€ | Boston Bruins πŸ’ | Leicester City ⚽

Stephen is a guy. A man who jumps before he thinks. A man who is not afraid to fight a bear. A man who never took a single karate lesson. Overall, Stephen can be summed up in one word: Pneumonia.



Boston Red Sox ⚾ | Jacksonville Jaguars 🏈 | Washington Wizards πŸ€ | Winnipeg Jets πŸ’ | Chelsea ⚽

Travis is also a guy. A man who leaves ice cream out on the counter. A man who once got in fight over a stuffed platypus. A man who never wore a tutu in public. Overall, Travis can be summed up in one word: Chimichanga.